At 101 Friends we provide a comprehensive residential and day care service for dogs. Whenever you need to be away, you can leave your dog with one of our wonderful carers and he will receive all of the attention and companionship that he is used to receiving in your home.

Your dog will be staying in the home of one of our carefully selected carers close to your home. You and your dog will be visiting your carer before you go away, so you will know exactly where he is and who he is with. We will ask you to complete a simple form on which you will be able to tell us about the type of environment you would most like for your dog. Then we can connect you with the most suitable friend for your dog.

All of our carers are dog-lovers who have extensive experience with dogs. Every one has been interviewed and references checked. All homes have been inspected and approved by us. And we are on call at all times.

How much does this cost? Life membership of 101 Friends costs just £10. Care charges vary from area to area but are very reasonable. Please contact the operator of your local club for more information.

With 101 Friends you can go away knowing

that your dog is safe and happy

101 Friends for Every Dog was established fourteen years ago and was one of the earliest providers of home boarding in the Britain. We have cared for many thousands of dogs during that time so you can be totally confident that your dog will be receiving truly expert care.

Whenever possible your dog will be staying with the same carer each time you go away. This means that he (or she) will have his own special second home with people that you know he likes.

“Who put all this white stuff here to hide my bone?”

“Was it you?” Jake asks accusingly. “Now my head is covered in the freezing stuff and I’m going to give up.”