THE OBJECTIVE OF 101 FRIENDS home boarding club for dogs is to provide every dog with a happy stay in a comfortable and secure environment while the owners are away. Our aim is to ensure that each dog is properly cared for by a dedicated and experienced carer in the carer’s own home. All carers are members of 101 Friends. This means that owners are able to be away from home without having to worry about the wellbeing of their pet.

WHEN AND WHERE         101 Friends has a network of carers, many of whom are available at short notice. We always try to place an animal with a carer as close as possible to the owner’s home, though the most important consideration is to select the most suitable carer for the particular dog. We ask that the owner visit the carer with their pet prior to going away. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your needs and to satisfy yourself that your pet will be in good hands in the best possible environment.

THE CARERS         All carers will have been thoroughly interviewed, their homes and gardens inspected and references checked. Each will have had extensive experience with dogs. Regular contact will be maintained with all carers and standards of care will be monitored.

THE CARING         Much emphasis will be placed upon the needs of the individual dog. Carers will endeavour to follow as closely as possible the normal routine of the dog. We ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire that gives us all the information that we need to select the best carer for your pet. Carers are required to be at home for most of the time that your dog is with them, and to follow your instructions for feeding, walking and medication. For everyone’s safety and security, dogs have to be kept on a lead during walks.

SICK ANIMALS         If your dog becomes ill or suffers an injury while he is with a carer, he will be taken to a vet. Whenever possible, this will be the vet whom he normally visits and with whom he is registered. We will do our best to contact you and to keep you informed.

UNMANAGEABLE ANIMALS         If your dog proves impossible for the carer to look after in their home (for example if he chews the furniture or barks all night causing the neighbours to complain), he will be transferred to a reputable kennel. This is a rare occurrence. Alternatively, you may prefer to designate a friend or relative to collect your dog from the carer in the unlikely event that the need arises.

THE COST         There is a life membership fee of £10-00. Care charges vary from area to area but are very reasonable. Please contact the operator of your local club for more information. Second and third dogs receive a 50% discount. If you require the carer to collect or return your dog to your home or any other place, please ask for a quote.

CANCELLATION         Where notice of cancellation is given more than 14 days prior to commencement of the booking, there will be an administration fee of £10. Where notice of cancellation is given less than 14 days prior to the commencement date, the full fees for the booking will be payable. Sorry – but this is to be fair to the carers!

COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE         We ask that any cause of dissatisfaction be brought to our attention immediately. We can only put right that which we are aware is wrong. All complaints will be investigated as a matter of urgency, and appropriate remedial action will be taken. You will be kept fully informed at all times.

COMMUNICATION POINTS         When your dog is staying a carer, we are contactable at all times. Your local club operator will provide you with full contact details.

FINALLY … WHO ARE WE?         101 Friends for Every Dog first began in 2005. It was started in consequence of a perceived need for a more personal and friendly care system for dogs than can be provided by traditional establishments. What could be better than the home of an experienced dog-lover who is also a member of our club?

ANY QUESTIONS?         Please contact your local operator. Full contact details are on the webpage for your area. We are here to help and will always be happy to answer your questions and provide any additional information that you require. If no one is operating in your area, please email

101 Friends for Every Dog aims to be the friend of every dog owner as well as their dog.